the Coffee Pub

The Coffee Pub is a nonprofit retail coffee shop opening in October 2006. It will be THE place to get the best organic Fair Trade coffee and specialty coffees, such as real Cuban espresso, tea, pastries, and desserts. All proceeds will support local community organizations.

Friday, March 20, 2009

a lot has happened

I suppose there is no real reason to update this blog now. I should close my eyes and allow this page to drift off into the deep space of the internet, accumulating dust and falling further and further from memory, but I cannot.

As of almost exactly 2 years after the last post on this blog, the Coffee Pub has been shut down. It was sold to a local church called E3 and is now known as the Red Eye. It remains a beautifully inspired non profit coffee shop, serving only Fair Trade and Organic coffee. Many of the old Pubbers are still around working and volunteering; we love this place.

So for now the Pub is no longer. But as it fades away into the recesses of many's minds, its vision only becomes more clear to me. I post this blog because one day the Pub will return with more direction, more experience, and more commitment than before.

Until that day join us at the Red Eye.


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